Property owners who feel that their property value is inaccurate or unfair, have the opportunity to appeal their valuation.

The first step when appealing your valuation, in any scenario, is to call our office at (701) 746-2611 to discuss your concerns. Typically most concerns can be resolved informally, but you always maintain your right to appeal the valuation through the formal appeal process.

Property owners may appeal their proposed valuations through the various Boards of Equalization. These meetings take place as follows:

*Please Note: A property owner must appear before both the City and County Boards of Equalization in order to be heard by the State Board of Equalization.

If you have already received your tax statement, or have missed the Boards of Equalization, the only way to appeal your valuation is through abatement. An abatement can be filed no later than November 1st of the year following the year the property tax becomes delinquent. (For example, the 2013 property tax would become delinquent in 2014, so you would have until November 1, 2015 to file for the 2013 assessment.) Again, please call our office (701) 746-2611 to initiate this process.